Eagle T20CF

  • Fully Automatic Case Erector
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction
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Eagle T20CF Carton Erector

From start to finish this carton erector constructs and seals the bottom of each carton in only 3 seconds! Rather than stopping your production, the vertical storage system allows the operator to load cartons. Also, the Eagle T20CF is suitable for various carton sizes. For example you can manually adjust carton sizes in under 2 minutes. In summary, these features provide for increased productivity.


  • 5-Point industry-leading emergency stop and safety system
  • Fully enclosed machine with safety access doors
  • Tape head adjustable for 2″ or 3″ tape using the same head
  • Fully automatic case folding and sealing
  • Fast and simple case adjustment
  • Low case warning alarm
  • Broken tape warning alarm
  • Easy to use 7″ color touch screen
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Up to 12 cases per minute

Additional information


110VAC, 60Hz

Air source

5 CFM @ 90PSI

Tape Width

2" or 3"

Working Speed

Up to 12 cases per minute

Case Size

Length: 11-20.5in, 279.4-520.7mm, Width: 7-11in, 177.8-279.4mm
Base carton size must meet the following requirement: 24in, 609.6mm > W/2+H > 11in, 279.4mm

Machine Dimensions

L86.6" x W80.7" x H53", L2422mm x W1963mm x H1615mm

Machine Weight

881.8 lbs., 400kg

Working Environment

Humidity: ≤90%, Temperature Range: 32-104ºF, 0-40ºC

Working Noise

≤75dB (A)

Eagle T20CF Brochure

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