Eagle T100SM

  • Uniform Carton Sizes
  • Side Belt Drive
  • Designed for very small cartons
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The Eagle T100SM is the same as Eagle T100, however it is designed and best suited for smaller cartons. This specialty carton sealer can tape boxes that measure only 3″ tall, and with side belt drives it can process narrow boxes with a minimum width of 3.75″. The side belt drives ensure proper carton sealing even with cartons that are short in height, but have an extended length. The Eagle T100SM is best suited for medium volume production. Tape head accepts 2″ tape.


  • Side drive belts
  • Locking casters
  • Top squeezers
  • Dual mast
  • Top and bottom tape heads
  • Extension roller tables

Available Options:

  • High-speed motors
  • Roller conveyer
  • Extended working height
  • Indexer
  • Hold-down attachment
  • Low tape sensor
  • Broken tape sensor

Additional information



Carton Size

Length: 6.00” to ∞
Width: 3.75” to 11.75”
Height: 3.00” to 18.50”

Tape Width


Tape Length

1,000 yd to 2,000 yd

Max. Load

80 lbs

Machine Dimensions

43.25” x 30.5” x 51.75"

Machine Weight

507 lbs

Working Height

17.75" x 22.25"

Sealing Speed

Up to 30 cartons per minute

Eagle T100SM Manual

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Eagle T100SM Brochure

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