Eagle SP11

  • Dual direct-drive 24v motors
  • Supports 6-15mm Strap
  • “Silent” operation
  • Quad locking casters
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Electronic tension control
  • Stainless steel table top
  • Safety Switch
  • Eco-friendly
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The Eagle SP11 offers eco-friendly operation through use of two direct-drive 24VDC motors. Therefore eliminates the need for a complex belt and pulley system and provides for nearly silent operation. Also, strap tension is controlled electrically, which eliminates the need for a manual spring-based hand crank system.

Just like the Eagle 100, the Eagle SP11 is height adjustable. It includes a stainless steel table top and has a safety switch that cuts power while the lid is open to protect the operator.

Additional information


110VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.25kW

Working speed

3 seconds per strap

Strapping force

0-50kg, 0-110lbs

Strap size

Width (5-15mm) ±1mm, Thickness (0.5-0.8mm) ±0.1mm, Width (0.20-0.6in) ±0.04, Thickness (0.02-0.03in) ±0.004in
Rell coil of strip width: 160-190mm, 0.6in-7.4in
Coil diameter: 200-210mm, External diameter: 400-500mm, 7.9- 8.3in, External diameter: 15.7-19.7in

Outside dimension

L750mm x W550mm x H750mm, L29.5in x W21.7 x H29.5in

Worktable height

750mm, 29.5in

Machine weight

162.8lbs, 74kg


Humidity ≤90%, Temperature 0-40ºC, 32-104ºF

Bottom adhesive

Hot melt: face ≥90%, width ≥20%, deviation of position ≤2mm

Eagle SP11 Manual

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