Eagle 800X

  • 29 Straps per Minute
  • Supports 9mm, 12mm Strap
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The Eagle 800X is an enhanced automatic strapping machine for wide straps (9mm – 12mm). With its enhanced features, the Eagle 800X has the best price to performance ratio of products in its class.


  • Self-threading
  • Short feed sensor
  • Strap end ejector
  • Loop ejector for jam-free operation
  • Electronic tension control
  • Stainless steel table tops
  • Manual push button, automatic table switch, or foot switch operation

Additional information


110VAC, 50/60Hz

Minimum Carton Size

4” x 2”

Standard Arch Size

33.4” x 23.6”

Tabletop Height

31.9in, 810mm

Core Size

8” x 8”


5 to 154 lbs.

Machine Dimensions

56” x 24” x 60.6”

Strapping Speed

29 straps/min.

Strap Size

Width: 8-12mm, 0.4-0.5in
Thickness: 0.55-0.75mm, 0.022-0.03in

Sealing Method


Machine weight

220kg, 485lbs.

Working Enviroment

5-40ºC, 40-104ºF

Noise emission

83 dB (A)

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