Machine Retrofit and Safety Integration

From time-to-time, a machine may require modifications to extend or improve operational performance. These modifications can be to decrease cycle time, update components, or to add safety features to an existing piece of equipment.

This machine, a chop saw, required installation of a braking resistor to assist with the rapid deceleration of the saw motor. Berran sized the resistor based on the installed motor and fabricated the appropriate housing. The completed assembly was then installed into the machine frame.

In addition to installation of a braking resistor, the controls were updated to include a modern variable frequence drive (VFD) and safety controller. The drive, controller, and all associated wiring was installed, verified, and programmed in-house at our facility.

In this case, the customer requested addition of an air blowoff to the machine. A pressure regulator, tubing, and blowoff were installed per their request.