Laser Marker with Visual Inspection

Vision Inspection with Sorting

Our laser marking machines can incorporate vision systems to verify the marking and its contents. In this example, a part is being marked with an alpha-numeric string that is read using an OCR-capable vision system. Once parts are verified, they are sorted and either placed onto the good part conveyor or reject bin chute.

Laser Marker with Robot

Load, Start, and Unload

With a few lines of code, a robot (or co-bot) can be added to one of our laser marking machines. The robot can use a palletizing program to load parts prior to starting a marking cycle. Then, upon completion of the cycle, the robot can be used to unload the marked part.

Laser Enclosure with Rotary






Our rotary accessory features an industrial computer-controlled system with purpose-built software to incorporate laser control, rotary axis positioning, recipe generation and execution, and system diagnostics into a simple to use format.

The 5C rotary chuck can grip parts up to 1-1/16" in diameter. If an alternate size chuck is required, your custom-size chuck can be attached using the included mounting plate.

Powered by an integrated stepper with encoder feedback for precise positioning of the part for laser marking, part marking is repeatable and accurate. The integrated stepper includes controls, drive, and motor all in one package to reduce wiring down to a single cable between the rotary accessory and the computer system.

The included computer controller and software allows for easy operation of the rotary accessory. From the controller, the operator can monitor laser marker status, rotary axis status, recipe selection, and cycle operation.

Additionally, the active laser marker program is displayed to ensure the correct program is loaded along with confirmation of marking information. Based on the model of laser marker used, it is even possible to display an image from the laser marker with an overlay of the marking data.

The rotary axis can be manually controlled via on-screen controls to determine the perfect position for marking. The position can then be entered into the recipe information for future use. The computer can retain thousands of recipes and can be recalled in just a few clicks.

Want to know more?

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