Auto Film Cut-Off

What is Auto Film Cut-Off?

AFCO is also know as an auto film cut-off device. The AFCO is a device that can be integrated to any Eagle 2000 series stretch wrapper. This particular device allows for the stretch wrap to automatically be cut away when the wrap cycle is complete. In other words the auto film cut-off makes things quicker and easier for the operator without them getting off the forklift.

Cost savings

This auto film cut-off features saves on average 20 seconds per load. It doesn’t sound like a lot but after a few years of wrapping product the ROI is huge. At 20 loads an hour on an 8 hour shift that equals almost 54 minutes. Say your operator makes $15 an hour. 54 minutes of $15 = $13.50. $13.50 x 49 weeks per year worked = $3,307.50 in labor dollars saved per year.

Customer Service

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