Eagle T-20CF

  • Fully Automatic Case Erector
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction
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Eagle T-20CF Carton Erector

From start to finish this carton erector constructs and seals the bottom of each carton in only 3 seconds! The vertical storage system allows the operator to load cartons all the while, not having to stop your production. Also, the Eagle T-20CF is suitable for various carton sizes and can be manually adjusted in under 2 minutes. In summary, these features provide for increased productivity.


  • 5-Point industry-leading emergency stop and safety system
  • Fully enclosed machine with safety access doors
  • Tape head adjustable for 2″ or 3″ tape using the same head
  • Fully automatic case folding and sealing
  • Fast and simple case adjustment
  • Low case warning alarm
  • Broken tape warning alarm
  • Easy to use 7″ color touch screen
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Up to 12 cases per minute

Additional information


110VAC, 60Hz

Air source

1 CFM @ 85PSI

Tap Width

2" or 3"

Working Speed

Up to 12 cases per minute

Case Size

Length: 11-20.5in, 279.4-520.7mm, Width: 7-11in, 177.8-279.4mm
Base carton size must meet the following requirement: 24in, 609.6mm > W/2+H > 11in, 279.4mm

Machine Dimensions

L86.6" x W80.7" x H53", L2422mm x W1963mm x H1615mm

Machine Weight

881.8 lbs., 400kg

Working Environment

Humidity: ≤90%, Temperature Range: 32-104ºF, 0-40ºC

Working Noise

≤75dB (A)


Eagle T20CF Manual


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