Distributorship Opportunities

New distributorship opportunities are available through Berran Industrial Group. By partnering with Berran, your company can increase its line of available products with machine solutions  to fit the ever growing needs of your customers. We stock machines, parts, and supplies locally within our building located in Akron, Ohio. By keeping these items in stock, we can provide rapid order fulfillment and turnaround times that will ensure your customers experience minimal to no downtime.

Berran also has a custom machinery division which can support specialized machine modification requests. No matter what the customer needs may be, we can fulfill them. Whether it be and addition of a servo-driven conveyor system, laser marking system, or barcode data capture and logging, Berran has the capability and know-how to get the job done right.

Need custom HMI or PLC programming? We can do that, too. Custom branding and assistance with marketing materials is just one way we assist our distributors in developing their presence in the marketplace. In-house graphic design and programmers are available to help you make an impact with potential customers.

With more than 37 years of experience, Berran has built a legacy of providing cost-efficient solutions to its clients. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

For more information on how to become a distributor, please use our online form or give us a call at (330) 253-5800.

Berran Laser Marking & Engraving

Laser Marking & Engraving

Every Industry in Detroit, Michigan, Can Call Berran Industrial Group, Inc. for Laser Marking and Engraving Systems

Assembly lines and automation have arguably been one of the greatest modernizations of the 20th century. With the labor pressure from foreign competition and other competitors, every manufacturing operation must look to automation to protect the future. Current marking methods are often labor-intensive or subject to mechanical wear. The most important fact a purchaser needs to be aware of is that the vast majority of effort to build an automated laser marking system is not about the laser, it’s about the material handling, safety, quick changeover, quality control, and user-friendliness. There are many high-quality laser marking units in the marketplace that can fit a customer’s specific application.

Berran Industrial Group, Inc. has multiple experiences with numerous brands, so they can find the most appropriate laser for the application based on engineering factors, causing them to unequivocally stand out from the others in their 35+ years of special machine building experience in the laser marking and engraving industry. Our engineers have designed custom industrial laser markers for many industries across the country, from Chicago, Illinois, and Detroit, Michigan, to Cleveland, Ohio — in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, construction, hardware, food processing, medical, golf, and much more. They build high-quality, standard enclosures for manual load laser markers, as well as optional automated laser markers and equipment utilizing 3D servo positioned laser markers with barcode readers, cameras, and data acquisition.

Berran Industrial Group, Inc. designs and builds robotic laser marker machinery for customer-specific loading and unloading requirements. They also design and manufacture custom laser marker enclosures and equipment for laser markers with vision inspection. Any business can count on them as a laser marker integrator and special machine builder.

As a custom machine builder and systems integrator, Berran Industrial Group, Inc. strives to create a relationship with each client so that they can fully understand the customer’s laser marking and engraving needs and develop a wide range of innovative laser solutions. Berran has a laser lab for quick turnaround of laser samples of customers parts. They are a direct machine supplier to a number of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. A substantial number of cars on the road have parts processed on Berran’s machinery.

Their 35+ years of extensive machine builds for the automotive industry gives them an extremely powerful knowledge base of zero tolerance quality demands for production, which they apply to all their custom industrial laser markers. Berran fully understands and actively supports our customers after the sale. Our engineers are available to support each customer, frequently using a free, direct, online connection to their machines for immediate diagnostics and support help.

Laser markers with vision inspection systems can scrutinize product quality in real time and can be integrated into assembly lines; additionally, they can programmed to feed customers production and data acquisition programs. Whether it’s a special custom machine for a stamping plant in Cleveland or a laser marker for a medical supply manufacturer in Detroit Berran can provide solutions. We’re experienced with ultrasonic welders and secondary operations such as assembly, punching, leak testing, packaging and more, Berran can do it all.

Berran’s machines are very popular in the automotive industry, being utilized for trimming, inspection, ultrasonic welding and staking, identification, measurement, data tracking, and countless other areas involving a wide range of products in a myriad of industries. Robotic fed laser markers use a robotic arm with the necessary range to do an unlimited number of tasks involving 3D matrix codes, logos, barcodes and more. With robotics involved in any sector; efficiency, accuracy, and production can be drastically increased. Whatever challenge an industry faces, robotics can be the solution. Any industry can count on Berran for their automated laser markers and equipment.

Through the vast array of industries that use laser marking and engraving — from medical markings on instruments to precision engraving of golf clubs — Berran Industrial Group, Inc. is the only company that businesses from Chicago, Illinois, to Cleveland, Ohio, need to trust for industrial laser markers. Whether someone in and around Detroit, Michigan, is in the market for a servo laser marker for smaller projects or a robotic laser marker for rapid and precise production, this laser marker integrator can create a custom laser marker to fit any application.

Automated laser markers and equipment are necessary to progress with the demands of any industry that uses bar codes, characters, and 2D bar codes for tracking or labeling. Barcode laser markers are ideal for directly marking parts; additionally, Berran Industrial Group, Inc. offers laser marker vision inspection systems for the complete integration of marking, reading, and verifying each part of any process. For small desktop jobs, laser marker enclosures are the perfect solution. Businesses everywhere can rely on the decades of experience at Berran Industrial Group, Inc. to provide comprehensive marking and engraving solutions.

Custom Machinery

Programmable Logic Controller
Human Machine Interface
Barcode Scanner
Data Aquisition
Laser Engraver
Laser Marking
Robotic Arm
Robot Cells

Custom Machinery

Throughout the years, Berran has designed, built, and installed various custom machinery for numerous industry types. We have a diverse customer base including automotive, toy, window, wood and steel, walls, food processing, foundry, glass, garment hangers, steel rubber, filter, medical, golf, and other unique industries. We are confident our machines take a backseat to no one. Our technology base allows us to be competitive with on-demand or full-automation systems.

Our experienced engineering staff not only design our machines, but they help build them. This hands-on experience gives our staff an advantage over our competition. Our engineers make three-dimensional designs in the most up to date version of Solidworks. We can provide our customers with 3D solid model eDrawings for review, or we may translate the design into any of a number of other customer-specified formats on a case-by-case basis. We are well staffed for both mechanical and high-level electrical controls.

Below is an example of just one of our many builds. This project was designed, engineered, fabricated, assembled, programmed, debugged, and test-run in-house by Berran employees prior to delivery at the customer's location.

Part Processing Solutions

Custom Machine Design
Custom Machine Design
Eagle 2000B

Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrapper

The Eagle 2000 series stretch wrapper features a powered pre-stretch unit to maximize film efficiency. Using an electronic photo eye, the Eagle 2000 automatically recognizes load height and adjusts carriage travel to create an effective wrap cycle.


The Eagle 2000B turntable offers a soft start and soft stop feature to ensure gentle handling of the load being wrapped. Upon completion of a job cycle, the turntable resets itself automatically to ensure proper orientation of the load for pallet or forklift insertion. Available features provide for increased production and a cost per load savings that can easily justify owning an Eagle 2000 series stretch wrapper.

Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrapper

Powered Pre-Stretch Film Carriage

The Eagle 2000B series stretch film machines come standard with a powered pre-stretch carriage capable of delivering up to 250% film pre-stretch. Film pre-stretch can be adjusted "on the fly", even during a wrap cycle!

Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrapper

Heavy-Duty Turntable

The Eagle 2000 series turntables can wrap loads up to 5,000lbs. The turntable base contains 24 nylon rollers for smooth and quiet operation.

Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrapper

Simplified Control Panel

With PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controls and a simplified control panel for easy operation, the Eagle 2000B is a breeze to operate.

Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrapper

Tall Loads

With a 99" tower, the Eagle 2000B can handle loads of up to 87" in height!

Eagle R2B2

Robotic Stretch Wrapper

The Eagle R2B2 robotic stretch wrapper production is full steam ahead! We have 10 units being built right now that will be available to purchase very soon. To get pricing information or to reserve a unit, call one of our sales representatives at (330) 253-5800 today!

The Eagle R2B2 is a versatile robotic stretch wrapping that is perfectly suited for warehouses with limited space. With options that include wireless monitoring, data acquisition, and customizable HMI screens, the Eagle R2B2 offers the most bang for your buck.

For more information, view the Eagle R2B2 product information page or contact one of our representatives.

Eagle R2B2 Product Information

The Eagle R2B2 is part of the Eagle line of packaging equipment in order compliment its line of top quality stretch wrappers. By virtue of its small footprint and mobile operation, the Eagle R2B2 is an ideal choice for individuals working in warehouses with minimal space. All that is needed is to place the stretch wrapper next to the pallet using the push-button powered assist and it is ready to go. All the operator needs to do is to select a pallet wrap mode using the HMI and press the start button. The Eagle R2B2 robotic stretch wrapper will do the rest.

While in operation, the Eagle R2B2 has an audible warning prior to and during transit. Additionally, there is a multi-color stack light present at the top of the film carriage mast.

Powered Film Carriage

Similar to the Eagle 2000B, the Eagle R2B2 offers a powered film pre-stretch carriage that offers 100% and 250% pre-stretch options. Pre-stretching the film before application both extends the life of a roll of film and adds to the holding power of the film once it is applied to the pallet.

We have several film types and thicknesses available and in stock for use with our Eagle line of stretch wrappers.

Custom Screens

The Eagle R2B2 HMI screens can be customized to match your company colors and include your company logo. In order to take advantage of this option, please let us know in advance. Screen changes are implemented by our on-site engineers using state of the art software and nearly any image can be added to a custom screen.

Extreme Durability

Extreme Durability

Berran Industrial Group, Inc. takes pride in building its machinery to the highest of standards to ensure reliable operation and extreme durability. Its machines last the test of time and provide its users with years of service and operation.

Extreme DurabilityHere we have a custom machine that was engineered, fabricated and constructed by Berran Industrial Group, Inc. more than 20 years ago. To date, it has run more than 120 million cycles. This machine is still in operation today and producing parts for a major corporation that is a leading global producer of skin health and hygiene solutions for away-from-home settings.

The machine displayed above is just one example of a custom machine that is currently in production and outliving its expectations. Here at Berran, we have the capability to built a great variety of custom machinery. No matter what your machinery needs may be, we can build it. Here are just a few examples of prior projects we have worked on.


Custom Machine
Twin Large Band Saws
Custom Machine
Rotary Table Laser Marker
Custom Machine
Duct Trim Station
Custom Machine
Ultrasonic Duct Welder
Custom Machine
Dual Station Laser Marking
Custom Machine
Laser Marking System
Automatic Load Height Sensor

What is ALHS?

ALHS is short for Automatic Load Height Sensor.  The ALHS used on stretch wrapping machines identifies the top of the load. The sensor can also be used to determine when a load has been placed on the machine. There are several types of load height sensors. Below are a couple examples.

Diffused Light Sensors

Diffused Light Load Height Sensor
Diffused Light Sensor

This form of sensing is commonly referred to as proximity mode. Light from the emitter strikes the target which causes it to become diffused at arbitrary angles. Some light returns directly to the receiver and the target is detected. Sensing range factors are color, size and finish of the target. The actual sensing range for each model is based upon a “white card test”. The white card has a 90% reflectivity factor and is considered a “standard target”. Darker colored or matte finished targets provide less reflectivity; therefore the sensitivity must be increased or the entire sensor must be positioned closer to the target.

Operational modes

  • Diffused with background suppression
    • Sensors with background suppression have a defined sensing range for any object regardless of color, reflectivity or finish. They are able to detect dark objects placed on shiny backgrounds and can be easily installed and adjusted.
  • Diffused with foreground suppression
    • Sensors with foreground suppression define a “dead-band” from the sensor’s optical window. Objects falling inside this minimum sensing distance are ignored.
  • Diffused with background evaluation
    • Sensors with background evaluation only evaluate the light reflected by the background (i.e. the floor). If the sensor is not able to see the background, the output will change state. This is useful in applications with odd shapes where direct light at the target cannot be reflected back to the sensors.

Digital laser load height sensor

Digital Laser Load Height Sensor
Digital Laser Sensor

A laser load height sensor enables long distance detection. This is useful for difficult applications where there must be a focused, visible beam spot. The method used to measure distance using a laser is referred to as TOF (Time of Flight).

The TOF method of detection measures distance by calculating the time it takes for a pulse-emitted beam to leave the sensor, hit the target, and then return to the sensor. This enables stable detection that is unaffected by the surface conditions of the work piece that is being detected.

Eagle Stretch Wrappers

Eagle stretch wrapping machines feature load height sensors. Click here to view more information on our stretch wrapping machines.

Pallet Load Profile?

What is a pallet load profile?

A pallet load profile is a way of categorizing the load configuration of a pallet. A pallet can be loaded in an infinite number of ways and will often vary from load to load. The positioning of the items on a pallet changes its vertical and/or horizontal profile. Depending on the horizontal and vertical edge profiles, a different stretch film or machine operation may be required.

Knowing the load profile of pallets to be wrapped makes it easier to determine which stretch wrapping machine and stretch film will work best for the given application.

Pallet load profile 'A'
Pallet Load Profile 'A'

Type 'A' loads have uniform horizontal and vertical edge profiles. The load footprint is nearly the same size as the pallet deck. Each item contained within the load to be wrapped fits together to form a uniform shape. There are few edges that can puncture the stretch wrap as it is being applied. These are the easiest loads to wrap due to the uniform lines and lack of snag points.

Pallet load profile 'B'
Pallet Load Profile 'B'

Type 'B' loads do not have the same uniform vertical and horizontal edge profiles as loads rated as profile 'A'. The load pattern results in irregular vertical and/or horizontal profiles and may not be the same size as the pallet deck. It is possible that edges may exist on these types of loads that can cause punctures or failure of stretch wrap film.

Pallet load profile 'C'
Pallet Load Profile 'C'

Type "C" loads vary from pallet to pallet. No two 'C' loads will have the same vertical or horizontal edge profiles. Sharp edges will require additional stretch wrap management and a higher quality stretch film is recommended to handle this type of difficult load.

Need assistance with your stretch wrapper or stretch wrapping supplies? Give us a call anytime between 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday and a member of our sales team will be happy to assist you.

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Eagle packaging equipment

Why choose Eagle?

There are several reasons to choose Eagle. The Eagle brand of machines has a reputation for quality, durability, and ease of maintenance. Eagle has a variety of machines in their lineup including equipment for strapping, taping, and stretch wrapping. All Eagle machines can be customized to fit your special requirements.

Advanced Design and Assembly

The Eagle lineup of machines has been carefully chosen by our highly qualified engineers. All machines are assembled and tested in the USA to ensure they meet our stringent standards. Depending on the manufacturer, our machines come with a 1 to 3 year warranty on parts (excluding wear parts). The Eagle line keeps up with the latest innovations in technology and is able to provide you with the best machine for your money.

Customer Service

In today’s competitive marketplace it’s important to offer more than our competitors, and we do. We have unsurpassed support whether it be by phone or on-site. We have well-trained Packaging Specialists who are ready to assist. We also have distributors throughout North America who can provide support, service, and parts.


Through the years, Eagle machines have been used in various industries including automotive, toy wood, steel, medical, golf, food processing and many more. Our quality and prices are the best in the market. Eagle machines range from the Eagle T100SM which can tape a very small package to the Eagle T500 with automatic top flap folders. Eagle stretch wrappers have proven that they have the lowest cost per pallet wrapping capability available. All machines are researched and studied to ensure they will be the best value available. This is why so many companies choose Eagle.