Eagle packaging equipment

Why choose Eagle?

There are several reasons to choose Eagle. The Eagle brand of machines has a reputation for quality, durability, and ease of maintenance. Eagle has a variety of machines in their lineup including equipment for strapping, taping, and stretch wrapping. All Eagle machines can be customized to fit your special requirements.

Advanced Design and Assembly

The Eagle lineup of machines has been carefully chosen by our highly qualified engineers. All machines are assembled and tested in the USA to ensure they meet our stringent standards. Depending on the manufacturer, our machines come with a 1 to 3 year warranty on parts (excluding wear parts). The Eagle line keeps up with the latest innovations in technology and is able to provide you with the best machine for your money.

Customer Service

In today’s competitive marketplace it’s important to offer more than our competitors, and we do. We have unsurpassed support whether it be by phone or on-site. We have well-trained Packaging Specialists who are ready to assist. We also have distributors throughout North America who can provide support, service, and parts.


Through the years, Eagle machines have been used in various industries including automotive, toy wood, steel, medical, golf, food processing and many more. Our quality and prices are the best in the market. Eagle machines range from the Eagle T100SM which can tape a very small package to the Eagle T500 with automatic top flap folders. Eagle stretch wrappers have proven that they have the lowest cost per pallet wrapping capability available. All machines are researched and studied to ensure they will be the best value available. This is why so many companies choose Eagle.

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