Ultrasonic Welding & Staking

What is Ultrasonic Welding?

Ultrasonic welding is the joining or reforming of thermoplastics. Heat generated using high-frequency sound waves and pressure bonds materials together. Mechanical motion, along with applied force, creates frictional heat. Therefore this allows melting of material and forms a bond. Ultrasonic technology requires less energy than conventional welding and offers many advantages.


Ultrasonic welding and staking offers many advantages in various industries such as electrical, computer, automotive, medical and packing. These advantages offer process reliability and repeatability, performance speed and flexibility, energy, material, and labor savings.

Reliability and Repeatability

The ultrasonic welding process is primarily automated and only requires the welder to pull a lever or push a button to produce the ultrasonic weld. Since there are no visible seams which could detract the finished product, these welds are visually appealing.  Proper staking design strengthens the product and appearance with minimal or no flash. Ideally, this welding process creates reliable bonds without introducing any impurities or distortion to the components being welded. In other words, this repeatable process provides consistent results.

Performance speed and Flexibly

Despite higher initial investment, ultrasonic welding offers high processing speed and as a result, makes it very appealing for mass production. Ultrasonic welding typically has short cycle times of less than one second that can be achieved depending on the required welds.

Energy, Material, and Labor Savings

Ultrasonic welding requires no connective bolts or soldering materials to bind multiple pieces together. This saves on manufacturing and production costs. Ultrasonic staking eliminates consumable materials such as screws, rivets, bolts, nails or adhesives and provides the ability to perform multiple stakes with one horn.

Auto Film Cut-Off

What is Auto Film Cut-Off?

AFCO is also know as an auto film cut-off device. The AFCO is a device that can be integrated to any Eagle 2000 series stretch wrapper. This particular device allows for the stretch wrap to automatically be cut away when the wrap cycle is complete. In other words the auto film cut-off makes things quicker and easier for the operator without them getting off the forklift.

Cost savings

This auto film cut-off features saves on average 20 seconds per load. It doesn’t sound like a lot but after a few years of wrapping product the ROI is huge. At 20 loads an hour on an 8 hour shift that equals almost 54 minutes. Say your operator makes $15 an hour. 54 minutes of $15 = $13.50. $13.50 x 49 weeks per year worked = $3,307.50 in labor dollars saved per year.

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